How To Use Your Ego To Improve Your Life Without Becoming A Narcissist - The Roles In Life And Benefits Of Balancing Ego With Humility


When you hear the word 'egoist,' you may picture a rude and unbearable person who is obsessed with themselves and thinks they are superior to others. Moreover, watching videos on social media that educate people about topics like narcissism or egoism may compel you to try hard not to become or be labeled as a 'toxic' and 'bad' individual.


Even though you have been told that being an egoist or a narcissist is not a good trait, boosting your ego to a certain level can help you be happy and prosperous, have healthy relationships and lead a better life.


Indeed, self-esteem is a tricky and obfuscating concept to wrap your head around. However, if you don't learn about self-esteem and how to control it - both low and high self-esteem can cause you to lead a life that you aren't happy with or doesn't make you feel fulfilled.


You will feel uncomfortable implementing this in your life and using your ego to achieve things in the world. You may be super conscious about doing the wrong thing.


Don't fret a lot about this! Because in this article, we will discuss the best ways one can boost their ego in healthy ways.


How Can Ego Help To Improve Life?

Most people, including experts, are always trying to destroy your ego and constantly educating people on how to be more humble and kind.


However, what these people miss is that ego helps develop peoples' sense of self-worth or importance which eventually helps them attain a better position and have an excellent role in society. It gives them the confidence to improve and do great things to impact the world positively. Why should one destroy something so valuable and helpful?


These days our society is keen to destroy anything if it causes a little harm while ignoring how beneficial its existence is.


Being a narcissist is the problem - instead of discussing how to reduce your ego to zero, we need to talk about maintaining a healthy ego. You are not supposed to destroy your ego. You are supposed to keep it under control so that it will not take control of your life someday.


Channeling your ego in a stream to climb to the top of the hierarchy is good, and people should be motivated to do that. But, on the other hand, if you are letting your ego come in your way, then that's not okay at all. The main keyword, in this case, is self-control.


The fact is that having an ego, being aggressive or competitive, is defined by words like "egoist" or "egotist" has attached a negative connotation to a necessary and significant trait.


If you want to build your ego to succeed in life, then you can do the following:


  1. Never surround yourself with toxic people
  2. Don't compare yourself with other people
  3. Quit your bad habits
  4. Face your fears and conquer them!
  5. Don't be conscious about your outlook and be pleased with it
  6. Achieving small goals is a big deal
  7. Practice meditation to erase negative thoughts


How To Not Become A Narcissist

Narcissism is characterized by a severe obsession with oneself, selfishness, and lack of empathy. There are multiple reasons why people turn into narcissists. Even though there are therapy treatments, it can be hard to recognize your trauma. However, while maintaining a healthy ego, you may be concerned about turning into a narcissist. If you are searching for ways how you can prevent that from happening - we recommend that you do the following:


  • First, you must understand that nobody is a perfect human being, including you. Everyone will have flaws, whether their caregivers or parents, close loved ones, or friends. Instead of shaming yourself or others for it - try turning those flaws into your strengths and embrace yourself as you are.

  • You must remind yourself daily that your self-worth and value are intrinsic, and they aren't reliant on anything or anyone.

  • It's okay to forgive yourself for setting expectations too high. Instead of being embarrassed for 'dreaming big,' - think about why you thought that was possible or achievable.

  • Try identifying the things that trigger your narcissistic rage.

  • Instead of trying to control the outcomes and results of situations that aren't in your control, allow yourself to experience emotions.

  • Celebrating personal victories is great - no matter how small or big!

  • Practice self-love every day!

  • To release your rage or emotions - try writing your thoughts down in a journal and read them out loud to yourself.

  • To maintain a healthy ego in stressful environments - try stress management to get past avoidance behaviors.

  • Meditate regularly and implement mindfulness in your lives to process emotions differently.

  • Remember to be kind to yourself and offer grace on the hard days.

  • Take things one day at a time, and don't forget to pace yourself!

  • Take some time out of your hectic schedules to be around nature. This will help reduce feelings of anxiety, depression, and stress and lower the risk of developing mental health issues.


The Significance Of The Link Between Ego And A Good Life?

Having a healthy ego generates ultimate benefits for oneself that helps one to conquer life. People with a strong and balanced ego will allow people to easily identify their strengths and utilize them to impact their communities positively. It also allows people to be sincere and work on their flaws. This way, they appreciate their strengths and work on their weaknesses to strengthen themselves. These people also recognize how they feel inside and seek a reason for those emotions. Instead of bottling their feelings, they release them in healthy ways that do not hurt them or others around them. People with healthy egos are satisfied and happy with how they or their lives are; however, and they are always making an effort to improve their standard of living.



For most people, having an 'ego' may be synonymous with sin, but that's not true. On the contrary, many studies have shown that people with healthy egos and great self-control can easily excel and get their dream life if they work hard enough.